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Universe Trading Ltd.

Scott Manley Despre acest joc The year is and humanity has been forced to abandon the earth and rise into space, to start a new civilisation.

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Faster-than-light travel and communications have been achieved, and now it is time to help build the new world and fight for your way of life.

Age of Ascent is Universe Trading Ltd. truly massive multiplayer space game set in a vast galaxy, where you can play solo or join an alliance to explore and advance in an ever-evolving sandbox environment.

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It features six degrees of freedom direct-piloting real-time battles with thousands of ships; millions in the same galaxy, an entirely player-driven economy, deep strategy, and multi-device support.

We provide deep game play that encompasses all components of strategy-based and first-person sandbox MMO games where players interact with each other and the universe.

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We've held regular playtests of the real-time dogfighting module, as we tweaked and optimised the combat code and physics engine. All that work - the most critical layer to get right - is finished!

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